CISCO CCNA is a course developed by CISCO Systems to train students in the design and construction of computer networks.The Cisco CCNA® Discovery curriculum provides foundation networking knowledge, practical experience, opportunities for career exploration, and soft-skills development to help students prepare for entry-level careers in IT and networking. The curriculum offers a hands-on approach to learning, and uses interactive tools and easy-to-follow labs to help students learn the general theory needed to build networks. Students who enroll in CCNA Discovery are not expected to have any previous technical skills or knowledge, aside from basic PC skills.

Target Audience

  • Computer Technician
  • network administrators

Duration: 24 Hours Per Module

Here are some examples of the skills students will be able to perform after completing each course:

Networking for Home and Small Businesses
  • Set up a personal computer system, including the operating system, interface cards, and peripheral devices
  • Plan and install a small network connecting to the Internet
  • Troubleshoot network and Internet connectivity
  • Share resources such as files and printers among multiple computers
  • Recognize and mitigate security threats to a home network
  • Configure an integrated wireless access point and wireless client
Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP
  • Understand the structure of the Internet and how communication occurs between hosts
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS devices
  • Plan a basic wired infrastructure to support network traffic
  • Configure a server to share resources and provide common Web services
  • Implement basic WAN connectivity using Telco services
  • Demonstrate proper disaster-recovery procedures and perform server backups
Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise
  • Implement a LAN for an approved network design
  • Configure a switch with VLANs and inter-switch communication
  • Implement WAN links
  • Configure routing protocols on Cisco devices
  • Perform LAN, WAN, and VLAN troubleshooting using a structured methodology and the OSI model
Designing and Supporting Computer Networks
  • Gather customer requirements
  • Design a simple Internetwork using Cisco technology
  • Design an IP addressing scheme to meet LAN requirements
  • Create an equipment list to meet LAN design requirements
  • Install and configure a prototype Internetwork
  • Obtain and upgrade Cisco IOS software in Cisco devices

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